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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . Being Friendly.

There are basically two extremes in evangelism. The one extreme is to isolate yourself from society so that you never have contact with anyone, especially with anyone who is not a Christian. Leaning near this extreme would be to seek to isolate yourself so that your only friends are those who are fellow Christians, thus defending yourself from any contact with non-Christians or unbelievers so that you do not have to “deal” with “those sort of people.”

A second extreme in evangelism would be the confrontational extreme. This extreme looks at sharing the evangel, that is the good news, with others whether they want to hear it or not. This extreme is one which prides itself on confrontation, argumentation and winning theological arguments at all costs.

Certainly there must be a better way. The better way is to develop friendships and relationships with all sorts and kinds of people, to realize that God calls all people to faith and to look for opportunities to issue God’s call to others.

Because no one can be argued into faith and because no one can be convinced to believe, it is best to cultivate friendships and let it be known that you are a Christian as you live as a Christian. Let your speech and actions show for the faith that is in your heart and then be ready to give the reason you believe the way you do.

And the opportunity to give an answer will come. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the opportunity will usually come during a time of crisis, either for you or for your friend. As you friend sees how you handle any given crisis situation, s/he will recognize a Christian response to such a crisis. When s/he is confronted with a crisis situation, s/he may call on you to give an answer as to how you responded to such a crisis situation, at which time you will have the opportunity to give an answer for the hope that you have, especially in your Savior, Jesus Christ.
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