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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . Complete Commitment.

I would like to share with you a fiction article from a fictional Marxist newspaper that I came across a few years back:
The Gospel is a much more powerful weapon for the renewal of society than is our Marxist philosophy. All the same, it is we who will finally beat you. We are only a handful, and you Christians are numbered by the millions. But if you remember the story of Gideon and his three hundred companions, you will understand why I am right. We Communists do not play with words. We are realists, and seeing that we are determined to achieve our object, we know how to handle the means. Of our salaries and wages we keep only what is strictly necessary; we give up the rest for propaganda purposes; to this propaganda we also consecrate “all our free time and part of our holidays.”

You, however, give only a little time and hardly any money for the spreading of the Gospel of Christ. How can anyone believe in the supreme value of this Gospel if you do not practice it, if you do not spread it, and if you sacrifice neither time nor money for it?

Believe me, it is we who will win, for we believe in our Communist message and we are ready to sacrifice everything, even our life, in order that the social justice shall triumph. But you people are afraid to soil your hands.
From Paiz Et Liberte
A French Communist Publication
(taken from Why No Revival? - Chick Publication)

Although I do not agree with (or like) completely what the article says, I do believe it says some pretty powerful things to us as Christians. What do we give for the spreading of the Gospel? Do we give dollars for missions . . . so we do not have to tell anyone because we have paid for someone to do it for us? Do we realize that our unbelieving friends are damned to hell for eternity? Are we more afraid of man or God?

My Lifestyle Evangelism tip is simply take advantage of the training available here at St. Matthew, Adult Bible Class, other Bible Studies, Worship, resource people as well as personal training through personal devotions and Bible study. Then, put your training into practice. Show with your life that your relationship with Jesus is the first priority in your life.
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