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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vocation Revisited

With the economy in the tank and many people out of work, I am amazed at those who say they cannot find work when the truth is that the jobs that are available are “beneath” them. The truth is that person is not looking for a job or work, but is looking for a “position.” I believe the heart of the problem is the misunderstanding of vocation.

One’s vocation is indeed one’s calling and one’s calling is not necessarily always the same. Let me explain. At any given time one may serve in more than one calling, i.e., one may be a son, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a brother, along with being a farmer or an electrician, or a banker, or a medical doctor, etc. The point of one’s vocation is that one serves God by serving others and that is what gives joy to one’s vocation. As I have stated in my other articles on the callings of God, i.e., God calls to life at conception, to faith through Holy Baptism, and to vocation, and God calls some men to the Office of Holy Ministry, thus not all are ministers, but all are priests serving God in their various vocations.

The point of working in one’s vocation then is not to look for a position but to look for a job wherein one may serve God by serving others, thus whatever the work is, if it is honest work serving others, it is a good vocation. Now, that does not mean that one will necessarily remain in that vocation, but one may continue to seek other employment while serving in that vocation. Thus, one’s serving in one’s vocation is good for the one serving, is good for those being served, and gives God glory.

As for the highest callings, as Christians, understanding that children are a gift from God and are the responsibility of the parents to whom God has given those children, we might well understand that a woman’s highest calling is that of being a mother and a man’s highest calling is that of being a father. In the vocation of father and mother, the parents are the first and greatest teachers of their children. Remember, more is caught than taught, so as your children watch you, you are teaching them. So, when your child does something you think is out of character and you ask, “Where did s/he learn that?” I would suggest looking in the mirror. Unfortunately, we have too many parents in our society today who abdicate their responsibility by letting others not only teach, but truly even raise their children.

Perhaps our parents were not as dumb as we think just because mom stayed home during the formative years and made sure we were well trained before going out into public. Certainly they sacrificed much by living on one income, but for the most part, we were better off, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And dad was not ashamed to work in whatever vocation was necessary to provide for the family, as long as it was honest work. I know that my self-esteem, work ethic, contentment and sense of responsibility for taking care of what I have worked for are all a product of what I was taught by my parents. Thus, should the need ever arrive and I am in need of work, I would have no problem doing whatever need be done, from custodial work, to garbage collecting, to carpentry, to flipping burgers, as long as it is honest work, because I know that at the same time I can always be looking for other honest work.

The goal in vocation is indeed, to serve God by serving others.

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