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Please note that while my intentions are to use good grammar, because of the way in which some of the material presented here is presented (orally) the grammar and syntax might not always be the best English. Also note that good theology is not always presented in the best English so there may be times when the proper grammar rules are purposely broken.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . a life-living process.

In order to better equip you for a lifestyle of evangelism, I want to give you a few tips to better your living efforts. This week I want to set the ground work by clarifying some of the terms I will be using.

(1) someone with the gift of evangelism, that is the ability and urge to profess boldly and verbally the good news of Christ. (2) the good news of Jesus (His birth, life, suffering, death, resurrection, ascension and protection of us).

(1) (noun) anyone who sees an event. We are all witnesses, by faith, of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. (2) (verb) one who professes what Christ and her/his faith means to her/him, good or bad, by thoughts, words and actions.

Lifestyle Evangelism:
living one’s life with a consciousness that what one thinks, says, and does is a witness of what s/he believes.

One tip is prayer:
Few things can be accomplished without prayer. If there is someone in your family or circle of influence who is not a Christian, begin praying for that person. Pray for that person by name and for specific concerns they may have. Ask the Lord to help you in your efforts, that He may work through you and that praise and glory may be given to His Holy Name.
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