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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stewardship is . . . For Your Information.

The following is given for your information. You can look at these figures and see where you are in respect to other members of the Lutheran Church, but more importantly to see where you are in your walk with the Lord.

For the year 2000, the churches of the Texas District gave $101,201,636 for work in their own church and for work at large. That total ranked first among all the districts, with an average communicant membership giving $952.81. Giving for work in our own churches totaled $90,898,657 and that again ranked first among all the districts. Giving for work at large totaled $10,302,979 which ranked third among all the districts. And the average giving per communicate member in the LCMS for the same year was $635.56.

Now, for some commentary on these numbers and we will use the figures for the Texas District. With an average giving of $952.81 that would total an average Sunday giving (not counting extra offerings of Advent, Lent, Christmas, Easter, etc) of $18.31. If we took first fruits giving and tithing seriously, that would mean that the average Christian church goer in Texas makes $183.10 per week, or $9,528.10 per year. What would happen if the Lord truly blessed us according to how we return to Him? As you contemplate these number perhaps you can reflect on where you are in your giving.

If you have been reading these “Stewardship is...” articles you can see that they have been very Gospeling. If you are troubled it is because the Lord is working on you. If you are giving as the Lord has blessed you then you should be looking at these figures and rejoicing that the Lord has so blessed you.

Are you rejoicing in the Lord, or are you angry because He demands too much from you? Thankfully our Lord gives, most often in spite of our lack of giving. He gives first, and He gives continually. Thanks be to God and to Him be the glory.
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