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Monday, August 8, 2011

Stewardship is . . . WWJD.

There was once and continues to be brisk sales for a wrist band and other clothing paraphernalia with letters WWJD on it. The letters WWJD stand for “What Would Jesus Do?” Everyone who wears one of these wrist bands is challenged to think before making any decision. They are to think, what would Jesus do if He were faced to make this decision? And then they are to act accordingly.

The premise to these wrist bands sounds a lot like the plot in the book In His Steps. The characters in the book were challenged, before making any decision, to ask, “what would Jesus do?” And then they were to act accordingly.

To ask, “what would Jesus do?” and then to act accordingly might sound pretty easy, but try it and you will see that in our world today it is not easy and often it may not even seem practical.

Good stewardship involves taking care of God’s good gifts and blessings. Good stewardship is at its best when it is done according to the answer to the question, what would Jesus do?

How much time would Jesus spend reading His Bible? How much time would He spend volunteering at church? How much of His earnings would He return to the Lord? How would He use His talents for the church? What would He do in any given situation, especially in any situation that might require making a decision with social repercussions? How would He spend His time, His talents, His treasures? How would He choose friends? How much time would He spend with work, family, friends, the church, and all the other demands on His life?

How would Jesus? What would Jesus do? To find the answer, go to the source, the Bible. Good stewardship begins with being in God’s Word and answering the question, “what would Jesus do?” May the Lord gives us all the strength to ask that question and to live our lives in answer to that question. To God be the glory.
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