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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . A Right Focus.

Have you ever noticed how, at the end of one church year and at the beginning of the next church year (3rd Last, 2nd Last, Last Sunday of the Church Year and Advent Sundays), the Scripture readings all point to Christ first coming and to His second coming. These messages also remind us of what is important in our lives, that is, that our lives on this earth are not permanent; after all, what is a hundred years of life on this earth compared to millions of billions of years of eternity? What is important is focusing our attention on the world to come.

However, there is a “bug” in this mixture. That “bug” is the devil. He would like nothing more than to take our focus off the important things in life and instead, be concerned about all the meaningless, minor details, you know, the things that really will not matter tomorrow. But the devil gets us so involved in these meaningless things that we forget about what is important.

The devil does not tempt us to do things he knows we will not do. He does not tempt us not to go to church; instead he fills our lives with so many things that we no longer have time for worship. Our focus is taken off getting ourselves ready for eternity and is placed on all the things of this world. Now I am not saying that the things of this world are not important. There are some important things we need to be doing while we are in this world, but the most important thing is getting ready for the world to come.

When it comes to our circle of influence, what do our actions tell them about what is important in our lives? The old saying is true; “Actions speak louder than words.” Do our actions say that this life or that eternal life is more important?

When the devil tempts us, it is time to take stock, regroup and, at times, refocus.
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