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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . unconditional love at work (1).

Have you ever thought how you are a witness, especially how you are a witness at work? We are witnesses whether we say anything or not. We are witnesses simply by our actions. What a bit of a scary thought! Why? Most of us do not give thought to what our actions say. Maybe we need to make a conscious effort at witnessing, especially at our work, our place of employment.

Being a witness is hard enough. Being a witness at work may be even harder. How, then, do we meet this challenge? We meet it in various ways, from simply keeping our mouths shut and minding our own business; at least in this way no one will ridicule us. Or we can take the other extreme of being very vocal about our faith, condemning everyone, and having no one listen to us, but simply ignore us and/or even hate us; at least this way we can justify ourselves for trying and being martyrs for the Lord. We can simply be a part of the group, knowing God will forgive us when we go to church on Sunday because He knows how hard it is to go against the group. (Adult peer pressure is oftentimes as great as teenage peer pressure or worse.)

We can change our beliefs and value system and do almost anything else to justify the way we deal with our working environment, like compartmentalizing our lives. We can compare ourselves to other people and see that we are still better than they. But, if we look close enough we could also find some that are better than we. Ultimately, though, we must compare ourselves with Christ. We all wind up the same, missing the mark. If you have not done so, take a good hard look at the people with whom you work. Can you tell what role they are playing? Without being judgmental, are there any of your fellow workers witnessing Christ? Have you noticed?

This week, think about ways you might be more conscientious of the witness you are making. Then, work on being more conscious about making a positive witness of Christ’s love for all.
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