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Friday, November 25, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . unconditional love at work (2).

How do we witness in the challenging setting of our work environment? First, we look to Christ and follow His example. We begin in prayer. We pray for the people with whom we work, asking the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to Christ and His message of salvation. We also pray for the courage to witness silently, and when He gives us the opportunity, we pray for the courage and for the words to verbally witness. Remember, if you pray for the opportunity to witness, be ready, because He will give it to you, often before you really are ready.

Second, do not condemn the people with whom you work. We may not always agree with what they do, but we want to remember that, Christ died for them, too. If they are good enough for Christ, they are good enough for us. Not condemning them does not mean that we agree with them, nor that we must be like them. In turning down their invitation to do what they do, we must let them know that we still unconditionally care about them. Remember, people will respect you if you can make your own decisions and not simply follow the crowd.

Third, remember that, we are in this world, but not of this world. We are here for only a short time—eternal life (in heaven or hell) is forever. The Lord has put us here to plant as many seeds as possible, even though the hard part of that is that we may not see any fruits of our labors. He even promises us that it will not be easy and that we may even suffer persecution. He also promises, that if we do acknowledge Him before others, so He will acknowledge us before His Father in heaven and that the sufferings of this present time are nothing to be compared to the glory which will be ours in heaven.

Lastly, the best witness we can make is to live every day to the glory of God. Seek His guidance, strength, and power in all relationships. Perfect love casts out all fear; with that truth in mind, may the Lord help us to have that kind of love for our fellow workers.
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