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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lifestyle Evangelism is . . . Not Politically Correct.

The media tells me I am to be politically correct, which translates into being tolerant of alternative lifestyles, religions, beliefs, and so forth. Pushed to its ultimate conclusion, being politically correct means being anti-Christian. Even the religious community tells me that I am to be all inclusive, which is another way of saying to be politically correct (read, anti-Christian). As a pastor and member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (not any of the other synods), I am reminded that I need to be true to God’s Word and to the confessions (to which I have pledged to be faithful and with which I have no problem); yet, this practice is offensive to many, even in the religious and Christian world, and even to some in our own church denomination. So what is a person to do?

As I write these Lifestyle Evangelism tips I strive to make them unoffensive, non-threatening, and as little work as possible (for you) because that way makes everyone the happiest. Unfortunately, making everyone happy is also beyond my ability. No matter what I write, I will offend some, and I will be a threat to others. By some, I will be accused of mixing and commingling law and Gospel as I talk in terms of sanctification, that is, living out our faith and doing the good works which God has prepared in advance for us to do. For many, these excuses will justify not reading these tips and ultimately will justify one’s sitting on one’s grace. I guess we are people who understand that “any excuse is a good excuse” to keep from having to live our faith.

For others, it is my prayer that these Lifestyle Evangelism tips will be an inspiration which will encourage them in doing the good works which God intends for them to do. Above all, I ask you to remember that it is God who gives you faith, so it is also God who stirs in you and motivates you to do the good works He has for you to do. It is also God who does the good work in and through you. And it is to God that we give the glory, thus making it a good work in His eyes.
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  1. I agree and you really hit the nail on the head. We must be true to God's word, not bow to the culture. Courage to speak the truth and we'll realize we can't please everyone.