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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something to Think About

What is wrong with this quote?
“On Sundays we visit different churches trying to find one that ‘fit’ our family, our values, and our theology.”
This quote is almost like suggesting that we will worship God if He fits into our family, our values and our beliefs. The author of this quote has it backwards. It is not the Church that needs to fit his family, rather it is his family that needs to conform to the Church (notice I am using Church with a capital “C”).

The truth behind this quote is that there are many different churches (small “c” as in denomination) and truly many different doctrines and theologies proclaimed by these many churches. And the truth is that this method of finding a church is what is used by most people, that is to look for a church that fits their family, values and theology. And certainly if one looks hard and long enough they can find a church that teaches what they want to believe, not necessarily what the Bible truly proclaims.

Unfortunately, to look for a church that teaches what one believes is the same as seeking a God who fits into one’s preconceived beliefs about God, which is a very fine form of idolatry. God is God. God tells us who He is and what He has done, does and will do for us. Rather than attempt to put God in a box and make Him fit our beliefs, it is better to search the Scriptures, to be as the Bereans, that is to examine what is taught and compare that doctrine to the Word of God.

Perhaps the better attitude and statement might be to say, “On Sundays we visite different churches trying to find one that teaches the Word of God in all its truth and purity and rightly administers the Sacraments accordingly, whether that is a ‘fit’ to our sin-tainted human understanding, our human values, or our human preferences or not.”

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