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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Sunday of Easter and Divine Service Attendance

Why is it that attendance at divine service the Sunday after Easter is always low? Is it because so many people are ill? Or, is it because so many people think that since they went to church more than once the weekend before that they are “good with God” for the Sunday after Easter? How can we expect people to attend divine service four times in one week, including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise and Easter morning, and then attend the following Sunday? Is not attending four times in one week enough to gain credit for the following week or even two?

Like many people, I enjoy going to the all you can eat buffet. Interestingly enough, even though I may eat a bit too much (which is gluttony, which is also a sin), it seems that the next day I am still hungry and I still eat.

Perhaps the reason for the attendance drop is the same as that of lack of attendance during any given Sunday, the fact that some people believe they have enough of God’s gifts and their desire for more gifts has been satiated? It might be like asking the question, “Do we have to go to church?” Of course the answer is that as Christians our desire is always to be where the gifts of God are being given, which usually means being in divine service.

Although I do not believe we may call such people as those that refuse God’s gifts on any given Sunday non-Christians, I do believe we should be concerned for their spiritual well being, after all are we not concerned about a person who fails to eat regularly or eat well balanced, nutritious meals?

Again, I would suppose that most people eat at least one meal if not three meals a day and that most people, even if they have been to the buffet on one day will still eat the next day. So, on any given Sunday, and especially on the Sunday after Easter, as we continue to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, do we stay and home and say, “No gifts for me this week Lord, I have had enough and am full until next week.” or do we rejoice in the opportunity we have to come to the Lord’s house and be given the gifts He has to give?

God has created us to love us, to give to us, to pour out on us all His good gifts and blessings and He has given us His means of grace through which He gives us the good gifts and blessings He has to give. To absent ourselves from the very means our Lord has given to come to us and give to us is to refuse and reject all He gives. I would exhort and encourage you, be given the gifts!

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