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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prometheus, the Movie *Spoiler Alert*

Prometheus, the Greek word meaning “forethinker.” From Greek Mythology he is the being who is credited with creating humans from clay and from stealing fire for the humans. He is a titan who was sentenced to eternal torment by Zeus for his transgressions. And so, we base and build a movie on this mythology, somewhat.
But what about the movie, Prometheus? Did you get the opening scene? According to the opening scene the evolutionary, Darwinian, Atheist, Richard Dawkins is right, as he explained to Ben Stein in the movie Expelled, the earth was seeded by aliens from another planet. Interestingly enough, whether intended or not, there were a couple of implications from the opening scene that give credence to the fact that all life on earth came from one creator; thus, there is similar DNA in all living creatures. A second implication is that all cells have been “preprogramed” with all the DNA information necessary for life. Of course, none of this explains, as Dawkins could not explain either, where the aliens came from and so we keep pushing back the origins of man. And yet, according to Dawkins, some of the characters in the movie and many other faithful believers in evolution is the fact that even though they cannot give a definitive answer for the origins they know Creationists are wrong and so mock them as being unintelligent.
One of the biggest problems with this movie, however, is the attempt to juxtapose science and religion. You either believe science or you believe religion. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw had that problem as well, but she was willing to search for answers. She was a scientist who believed in a Savior, thus the cross of Christ.
The truth is, and what science will not tell you is, that God created science and the first scientists were Christians. The “scientific” community believes there is a separation, that science and religion cannot coexist, unless religion compromises. Of course, what happens is that when religion compromises, atheism follows. As Christians, we know that true wisdom, true knowledge, indeed truth itself cannot be known apart from Christ.
To use an analogy to help understand the problem and perhaps the solution think about this example. When you have something that breaks, your first thought is to take it back to the manufacturer because if anyone should know how to repair what is broken it, should be the one who made it. It would be deemed unintelligent to take your broken washing machine to your barber to have him repair it. It is amazing that so-called “scientists” today even attempt to explain the world without regard for the One who created it. In other words, to use our analogy, scientists today attempt to explain the workings of the world by asking their barber.
If we begin with the Creator and what He tells us, just think of how many discoveries we might make. Just think of how much more we might be able to understand and explain. But I have digressed from the movie.
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw has made the mistake too many have made in our world today. She has failed to begin looking at the evidence and explaining it using the Word of the Creator. She has been so mislead by so much false evidence and explanations that she believes the failed human explanations rather than the sound truth of God’s Word. Fortunately we live in a world where we do not have to take the word of those who shout loud and long on television or on the internet. We can actually search and find more and better explanations of the evidence. Yes, there has been research that has found other dating methods that give the earth a young age. There are other and better explanations of the origins of the Grand Canyon (a lot of water in a short amount of time).
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw will continue her search, probably in a sequel. Unfortunately, if she continues to follow the road she is on, what she will find is a never-ending backing up with no explanation for where it all began. Thankfully we have the word of the One who Created it all, and we can depend on His Word.

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