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Monday, July 16, 2012

Battleship, the Movie a Glimpse at Pop Culture

It has been said that if you want to know what is going on in popular culture, watch the movies and such is the case with the movie Battleship. As far as this movie watcher is concerned, Battleship was a good movie, and a lot better than the previews made it out to be. The story was another story of our world defending itself against a seemingly superior enemy. The game of Battleship, from which this movie gets its name was seen in the strategy of defeating the enemy and there was a bit of a War of the Worlds imagery in the weakness of the enemy. The story included the usual coming to terms of what is right by our hero who of course, got the girl in the end. As for a look at popular culture, the view of the culture as perceived by the movie makers of Hollywood and what is actually believed by society outside Hollywood, perhaps they are not the same, as we will see and make note.

As we will outline in this review, the movie Battleship bears the Hollywood perception of popular culture as one in which everyone believes the theory of evolution, everyone believes there are more advanced life forms on distant planets, and America has no right being the greatest country in history. The presumption of the belief of molecules to man evolution is shown to be proven by the fact that other life forms have evolved on other planets in much the same way as they evolved here on the planet earth. Interestingly enough, however is the concession that for other life forms to have evolved on other planets is the fact that the other planets would have to have a similar atmosphere. In other words, they would have to have evolved on a planet that would be in a solar system in which the planet would be a similar distance from the sun of that system. And also, is the thought that they would have evolved to look a lot like humans. From a purely “scientific” standpoint, the “facts” presented in the movie (suspending my disbelief) might be better explained as the universe having a master designer or creator who created the universe with a similar design throughout, such as might be the case with an architect who has a certain design pattern in all his designs.

The belief that there is intelligent life, or more intelligent life on other planets is an unproven theory, yet because of a great campaign of presenting this scenario over and over, and despite any evidence, people eventually will believe anything, if it is said often enough and loud enough. American is a bit schizophrenic in its nature, believing that we are so simple we cannot be the only life forms in the universe and so proud we believe we can control the weather on our own planet.

An interesting aspect of history is the fact that unless you know your history you are doomed to repeat it. Another interesting fact of history is that it is our history which has brought us to the point of where we are at this time. For some reason the powers that be in Hollywood would like to beat up our modern culture, seeming to suggest that the sins of peoples, cultures and societies of the past should and can be correct by a people who had no part in the past. Interestingly enough, this same culture reviles in the freedoms and advances made by those who have gone on before. In other words, biting the very hand that made possible what they want to disavow. History is history, and we are the greatest country in history because of our history. We cannot change our history and really we have no reason to apologize for our history, yet we can use our greatness to pull others up and that has been what has made our country great. Perhaps if Hollywood would spend more time getting history correct and espousing the greatness of America and less time judging and condemning the past they might actually make movies that are more inspiring for building a brighter future yet.

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