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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jurassic Park and the Religion of Evolution Revisited

Having just watched Jurassic Park the movie after twenty years, as it celebrates its twentieth anniversary, and after some study and research, I am amazed at what is portrayed as real. The movie Jurassic Park makes too many assumptions from “logical” human reasoning, assumptions that may or may not be true, assumptions “science” has declared as fact with no actual “proof”. As an example of such assumptions, just because an animal has “carnivorous” teeth does not mean it is necessarily a carnivore.

The problem with the religion of evolution is that it takes faith to believe and the stories it tells grow larger and larger as the lie gets bigger and bigger. There is actually no proof of the claims that are made in the movie Jurassic Park, nor any of the claims made by anthropologists in regards to their knowledge of dinosaurs. Well, I guess I should not say no proof, certainly some of their findings may be right, however, much of what they present as truth is merely conjecture and human reasoning, which is fallible and may be flawed. There is no proof that Raptores are the intelligent hunters they are portrayed to be in Jurassic Park.

The more one seeks the facts and a better explanation of the evidence, the more one can see the fallacies of the theory/religion of evolution. Simply do a “google” search, and especially this author would point you to www.answersingenesis.org to find answers and better explanations to the evidence.

After twenty years, after confessions of the hoaxes and misrepresentation of much of previous evolutionary discoveries, after much study understanding evidence and its explanations, I am convinced that there truly is no proof of the religion/theory of evolution, rather there is more and more logical, reasonable, and explanations that point to the validity of the Biblical account, as God, who was there, explains what He did. Personally, I believe it is much more difficult to be a true evolutions, believing in the unbelievable, that all things came from nothing, than to be a Christian, believing in a designer, namely in God, who created order from chaos.

One of the most interesting phenomena of “science” is the fact that real science poses a theory and then tries to disprove that theory. However, the theory/religion of evolution refuses such intense scrutiny and study, instead lashing out, name calling and belittling those who would challenge their creative evidence explanations.

To anyone who is or thinks they are an evolutionist, believing in the religion of evolution, I would challenge and encourage you to actually search for the truth. Search for the history as well as the confirmation of the fallacies that have been presented along the way (much like the history of the predictions of the false prophecies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who have stricken from their record all the times they have falsely predicted the end of the world). You might be amazed and actually stumble across the truth.

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