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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is Darwinian Evolution Science? Or is the Creation Explanation Really Science?

Science might be described as setting a hypothesis and then setting out to disprove the hypothesis as a way of attempting to prove it is true, by not being able to disprove it.

A cult is a group that banned together under certain beliefs so that no one is able to deny those beliefs and if anyone should attempt to disprove those beliefs they are ostracized from the community.

With those two definitions, think about the difference between Darwinian Evolutionist (scientist) and the Creation Camp (religion). Those of the Creation Camp hypothesis that God created the world in six literal days and continually seek to disprove this theory, to no avail. Darwinian Evolutionist on the other hand have dictated that everyone believe molecules to man evolution and if you try to disprove it or speak against it you are ostracized. So, truly, who are the real scientists and who are the real cultist?

To this day there is no real evidence of Darwinian Evolution. Sure we can see changes in finches, but they always change into other finches, never into any other species. Yes, we can see changes in viruses as they mutate, but the simply mutate into other viruses, never into anything else. This mutation and/or natural selection is proof, not of Darwinian Evolution, but in Creation the fact that nothing changes from one species to another. But, by saying this I am a Darwinian Evolutionist heretic!

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