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Please note that while my intentions are to use good grammar, because of the way in which some of the material presented here is presented (orally) the grammar and syntax might not always be the best English. Also note that good theology is not always presented in the best English so there may be times when the proper grammar rules are purposely broken.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Revisiting the Fallacy of Tolerance

I cannot stand people who are intolerant. Did I read that correctly? Did someone not think before they spoke? Happens all the time. So, are people that claim to be tolerant really tolerant? Or can anyone be truly tolerant? Read on and find out.

I cannot believe our society would put someone in jail for stealing. I cannot believe our society would put someone in jail for killing someone. I cannot believe our society would condemn someone just for having an affair with another man’s wife. It is so hard to imagine the our society is so intolerant.

If it is not clear by now, we do not live in a tolerant society, but there are individuals, and groups in our society that like to practice selective tolerance. Personally, I do not believe in tolerance. I do not believe that we as a society, nor as individuals should be tolerant of immoral, illegal and deviant behavior. How do I determine what is immoral, illegal and deviant? As for immoral and deviant, I refer to what God says is sin. As for illegal, I refer to our legal system. And to be clear, just because something is legal does not necessarily mean that it is moral or normal, indeed some things that are legal are immoral and deviant according to God’s standard, thus according to my standard.

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