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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Recognizing Satan’s Temptations and Defeating Him

Satan is alive and well. He hates everything that is good and is of God. He hates Christians and God’s Church. He hates us and St. Matthew Lutheran Church of Westfield. And so he attacks relentlessly. How do we recognize his attacks and what do we do?

When we face the attacks of Satan, God may provide help in one of three ways. First, God may provide a way out. Perhaps you are visiting with some friends when someone begins talking about someone else not present, tearing them down and defaming their precious name. And here I would suggest that first and foremost we pray for that friend that Satan is unwittingly using to defame, tear down and speak ill of another (Matthew 18:7). Anyway, and we know how this scenario works, as this one person continues, they may stop and look at you with that expecting look, giving you the opportunity to join in tearing down, speaking ill of and defaming that person as well. Recognize this as a temptation of Satan. God may provide a way out of this temptation by you simply changing the subject and talking about something more uplifting.

Again, when we face trials and temptations, God may provide a way out or God may provide the strength we need to bear up. Again, back to our scenario, suppose the person turns and looks at you with that expectation that you join in the tearing down, speaking ill of and defaming another person. God may provide you with the strength to say that it is not right to be defaming this person and you will not join in. Perhaps God may provide you with the strength to speak in positive terms, putting the best construction on everything and speaking in the kindest way.

But, once again, when we face trials and temptations, God may provide a way out or God may provide the strength we need to bear up, or God may take away the trial or temptation. Back to our scenario, if God does not provide a way out, that is that you may simply change the subject and if God does not provide you with the strength you might think you need to speak up and defend the person being torn down and defamed, then He may take the temptation away, perhaps something will distract your friend. Ask Him to help you.

Now, this may be a rather simplistic scenario, but I am sure most of us have experienced something like this and it does, nonetheless, illustrate that fact that God does help us in times of trials and temptations. The bottom line, if you will, is that because we are Christians, we will face temptations and difficulties in this world. Rather than fear those challenges, our Lord would have us cling to Him, who has defeated all, so that He will help us to overcome and win out in the end. And rest assured, even when we fail, and we do and will fail, with Jesus there is always forgiveness, that is the reason He came to give His life for ours.

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