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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Understanding Liberalism?

I do not usually post anything "political" but because I believe this is what is being taught in our schools, of which I pay taxes to support, I must speak up and speak out. And besides, the two most important things in life are religion and politics and we are told to not talk about either. Why not?

I find it interesting and disheartening that those on the left, the Liberal left, dare teach such revisionist history as to accuse Christopher Columbus of such atrocities of genocide and the like and attack imperialism as being bad all the while enjoying the benefits of the founding of this nation and all the work of those who built this great nation, including the blood, sweat and tears, whether the discovery, founding, blood, sweat and tears was right or wrong.

Certainly, as sin tainted human beings we do not always make good, right and salutary decisions. This fact of not making good decisions, however does not negate what good may come from not so good and even bad decisions. The fact that Columbus discovery of America may have brought some disease and death, I believe, is well overshadowed by the fact that his discovery of America just a few years before the Reformation, gave many Christians a place to practice freely their worship of God as well as brought Christianity to many native Americans. Of course I am sure any liberal would suggest that the bringing of Christianity was wrong as well.

The fact that America has achieved greatness through capitalism attests to the fact that capitalism thrives on our inborn sinful nature of looking out for number one. However, capitalism, while making some people “rich” also brings out the best in the fact that those with more are in a better position to help those with less. In other words, contrary to the myth that there is only so much wealth in the world, the fact of the matter is that wealth can be made and the result of some making more is that those with less also benefit in what is well called trickle down economics.

The opposite of trickle down economics is to believe the myth of limited wealth, taking the means from some, who actually hire and support many, to give to the few so that those with much no longer are able to hire and support others meaning there truly is less wealth and what we have is trickle up poverty so that all have less and less.

So, the liberal world view is curse a world where people strive and thrive at doing their best, creating more and more wealth so that everyone is better off, and instead taut the greatness of a world where people have no incentive nor drive to accomplish anything and instead live dependent on a system that simply makes everyone equally poor.

To me the whole thing is like having your parents give birth to you, raise you, feed you, clothe you, and constantly discipline you to help you become a good productive citizen. And then all you can do is criticize them and complain because you do not understand that all the work they did is what made you the person you are, or at least the person they were intending to raise. I think the saying is, “Biting the hand that feeds you.”

The only word I have is “amazing.”

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