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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Importance of Sunday School and Bible Class

In his book, Already Gone, Ken Ham attests to the facts of what we are seeing in our schools and churches today, even what we are seeing in our own congregation. In our schools our children are being taught that evolution, meaning man came from slime (molecules to man) is a fact and they are being taught to question God and the Bible. Knowing that human beings can be and are often wrong, we put our trust in God and His Word which is never wrong, and so we see the fallacious teachings of the religion of evolution.

With that said, it is sad how many of our children and even adults do not know the history contained in the Bible. Do you or do your children know who Abraham is? And not Abraham Lincoln. What about Moses and Aaron, Jacob and Esau, King David and King Solomon? Do you know and do your children understand how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament? Do you or do you children know how to speak a defense of the faith? So many of our children are already lost to the secular humanism of this world even before they reach confirmation age; thus, it is no wonder they leave the church and ultimately the faith, which does mean eternal spiritual death.

So, what are we doing about it, if anything? Certainly children are God’s gifts to parents, and parents are the first teachers of their children. And just to remind you, you do teach your children whether verbally or not. Your children watch you, and they imitate you. Your children know what is important and what is not important according to how you live because the fact is we live our priorities; we make time for those things that are important.

In speaking to young people who profess one another as “soul mates,” the question finds its answer in the answer to this question, “Do you really care about the spiritual well being of your ‘soul mate’”? Meaning, if we really care about the soul of our children as well as our own soul, we will live our faith as a priority.

Are we teaching our children Bible basics at home? Are we reading Bible history to them? Are we bringing, not sending, but bringing our children to Sunday School so they see that our faith is important as well? Are we bringing our children to Vacation Bible School? Are our children prepared for confirmation, or do we simply expect our pastor to make up for our lost time?

Now, more than ever, is the time to begin preparing your child and yourself for the struggles of this world and to be ready for the more permanent home of heaven. Please be encouraged to not only send, but to bring your children and yourself to Sunday School and Bible Class. And be encouraged to have family and private devotions, the Portals of Prayer are available for free in the Narthex. Your pastor is always available for helpful instruction in preparing yourself and your children in your spiritual well being.

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